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SOCO’S Anniversary is managed by Soco Tatsumoto.


Soco Tatsumoto Anniversary Planner

Soco Tatsumoto

First “Anniversary Planner” in Japan, starting up in 2006 as “SOCO’S Anniversary”.
Produce kids’ parties are good reputation for many mothers, they are taken up by the media (TV, publications, magazines, websites).
Kids party lesson is full as soon as starting advertisement.
Since 2014 April, she starts “Anniversary-Planner training school” (Japan Anniversary-Planner Association / managed by Soco Tatsumoto).

Kids party plans

Enjoy your party at home! We are happy to help your wonderful party (birthday, event..) .
The price are exclude the tax.

  • Plan A

    Decoration set

    25,000 yen

    Party kits are delivered.
    Anniversary planners visit you and decorate.

  • Plan B

    Semi-order plan

    70,000 yen

    You are be able to select from Soco Tatsumoto’s original party theme.

  • Plan C

    SOCO’S Anniversary
    special Kids’ party plan

    200,000 yen

    Full order.
    Soco Tatsumoto will arrange your special party for you.


Kids’ catering from 4,000yen  (20people or more version. In other cases,please contact us.)
Kids’ party activity from 15,000-50,000yen
Order cake from 12,000yen
Cameraman from 4,000yen

Feel free to contact us for more information.


Anniversery planner school

What’s Anniversary-Planner?

What’s Anniversary-Planner?

Party decoration, party lesson, or more…
Can be able to become a Anniversary-Planner only the person who registered to Japan Anniversary-Planner Association.
Anniversary-Planner Association is
Anniversary-Planner school
Held party-lessons, work-shop, party-decoration or more…

About Anniversary-Planner school

About Anniversary-Planner school

You are able to learn to become a Professional Anniversary-Planner, 1year curriculum.
If you want to become an Anniversary Planner, you must enter the school(there is an examination for entering the school)

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Being a specialist of kids-party, and also the first anniversery-planner in Japan,
we have many ideas and experience to help you.
Event support, lecture of party techniques and so on.
Please feel free to contact us.

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